Shapermint Review: Does It Live Up To The Hype?

As a woman, your body curvature undergoes a series of alterations throughout your lifetime. Your body has a lot of stories to tell the world, such as how busy your lifestyle is, and your weight-loss journey.

Whereas it is advisable to love and appreciate your body however it looks, you’d still want to take a step and make your body look as fabulous and stunning as you deserve. And this is where the EMPETUA Shapermint Body Shaper for women comes into the picture.

In this Shapermint review, we look at this shapewear in detail to determine if it truly lives up to its hype. Without further ado, let’s get rolling…

EMPETUA Shapermint Body Shaper Waist Trainer Tummy Control Panty – Butt Lifter Panties – Shapewear for Women.

Shapermint Review And Overview

What is EMPETUA Shapermint?

Shapermint is one of the leading shapewear brands in the world that carries a ton of women’s undergarments. One of their celebrated lines of products is the EMPETUA Shapermint Body Shaper panty for women.

This EMPETUA shapewear panty by Shapermint serves as a waist trainer panty, a tummy control panty, and a butt lifter panty. It is an ultra-comfortable undergarment, which lets you focus on yourself rather than pulling and fixing your clothing all the time.

You don’t feel squeezed when you wear this panty, and is great for women of all body sizes and shapes. If you’re a curvy woman, the EMPETUA shaper helps you look slimmer by tucking in your tummy and improving the curves of your body.

What makes it great for women of all body sizes and shapes?

The EMPETUA Shapermint panty gives you more confidence and allows your inner light to shine bright wherever you go. This is attributable to the following key elements of the panty:

Comfortable Fit

Shapermint understands the importance of comfort and perfect fit when it comes to garments. The EMPETUA Shapermint panty comes in a range of sizes – from extra-small to quadruple extra-large – to comfortably fit women of all sizes.

Any potential wearer who’s unsure what size to get can consult the Shapermint’s size chart on their website. You’ll find the measurement guidelines as well as suggestions on what size you’re likely to wear based on your dress size or your weight.

Shapermint Reviews

If, by any chance, you end up falling between sizes, Shapermint recommends opting for a larger size. The Shapermint’s EMPETUA shapewear is designed to hug your body, without feeling too rigid.

Silicone Tape

Some shapewear garments are pretty annoying, to say the least. They’ve got a tendency of bunching up and sliding down as you move around, significantly distorting your confidence in the crowd.

The EMPETUA Shapermint panty, on the other hand, consists of a silicone tape that prevents it from rolling down. That is, the panty will always stay glued in place while you’re wearing it.

Furthermore, this panty is not completely lined with the tape. Instead, the silicone strip is placed in a strategic location, where it can better secure your garment on your body. The tape is also discreet.

Lightweight & Breathable Fabric with Four Compression Levels

Of course, as a finicky woman, I’d hate compression with passion if I ain’t in a position to breathe like in a corset. The EMPETUA body shaper panty for women is designed for all day, everyday use.

It is made from a lightweight and breathable fabric consisting of 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex. This enables you to get a perfect balance of compression, comfort, and control.

Each panty offers different levels of compression, such as light, medium, and medium-high. You can choose any of the four compression levels and still enjoy an excellent circulation, without rendering it difficult to breathe.

And if you feel like you can’t breathe, you might want to switch to a larger size. In rational terms, EMEPTUA panties with a higher level of compression will pull in bulges more efficiently than those with a lower level of compression.

Up to Different Five Shades to Choose From

The Shapermint’s EMPETUA women panty is availed in five different shades: black, nude, red, coca (brown), and white. A white EMPETUA shapewear panty goes hand in hand with white clothing, because it’ll be invisible through it.

On the contrary, a black EMPETUA shapewear panty complements with a black dress, because it’ll be hard to notice in case the panty extends and hangs beyond the edges of your dress.

Anyways, with EMPETUA Shapermint panty, there’s something for every woman. You can go with black and nude options, or pick the two choices and revitalize your personal wardrobe. How does that sound? Cool, huh!

Free Exchanges on Sizing

In the event you pick a wrong size that doesn’t match your shapewear needs, you can exchange your garment as many times as possible at no extra cost.

With Shapermint’s easy exchanges on sizing, picking your right fit is as easy as it sounds. So, if you hate how your Shaper panty fits, contact Shapermint and let them know about it. They’ll send you the perfect size with no delays.


  • Adds a smooth and sophisticated look
  • Hides every last bit of baby weight after giving birth
  • Very lightweight and breathable
  • Minimizes bloated look
  • Supports curves


  • No garments for men
  • EMPETUA body shaper panty may not be machine washable

Final Words

In a nutshell, the EMPETUA body shaper panty for women provides all the coverage you so much desire. This bodysuit shaper for women is designed to smoothen out your tummy, waist and back so that you can achieve that sexy look you’ve been yearning for.  

When it comes to sizing, it’s hard to go wrong with Shapermint. The brand carries body shaper panties of all sizes for a more comfortable and perfect fit.

You’ll find all sorts of sizes including XS / S M / L XL / 2XL 3XL 4XL. More importantly, you can always request a new fit for FREE if you don’t like how your panty fits. In parting, I can only say that the Shapermint is working round the clock to make every woman smile. Now rock on one of the panties and smile to the world.

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