An In-depth Pygeum Prostate Review 2020

I was having trouble with my BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia), which means I couldn’t urinate normally due to an expanded prostate.

And so I Google’d for the perfect solution. And that’s where I landed on a Reddit thread recommending this baby. As usual, I was skeptical, because there were a bunch of people giving nothing but positive Swanson Pygeum reviews. Not even one criticism. And if there were, it was all about side effects, which differed from one person to another, mostly mild issues like headache.

Anyways, I thought I’d give it a try and find out for myself. And here’s my honest and unbiased review.

Well, as far as effectiveness goes, I gotta give a high-five to the Swanson Pygeum supplement. It works like magic! You have to understand that I’m not the kind of guy who jumps into conclusion once a medical prescription, just like this one, shows some positives.

I like being thorough. I prefer digging deeper into something and doing a comprehensive research. Therefore, if I tell you it works like a charm, then trust me. It does. Because I had to wait for a few months to jot down this pygeum precum review. I just wanted to be sure.

Pygeum Prostate Review And Overview

Key Features of Swanson Pygeum Prostate Support Herbal Supplement

Enough with the yapping… so what makes the Swanson Pygeum herbal supplement this great?

It’s an Outstanding Treatment for Your BPH

Well, one thing for sure is that the Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) doesn’t care about your age, neither does it care whether you’re always exercising or not.

The BPH is the swelling of your prostate gland.

With the Swanson Pygeum Herbal, you don’t have to worry of the long trips to the loo. And no more waking like four times in the middle of the night just to urinate.

The best thing is that it’s backed by medical practitioners, because it is what my doctor friend suggested to me.

Natural and Organic

Although the Swanson Pygeum isn’t 100 percent organic, it surely seems like one. At least it works like one. The capsules are a combination of 100mg of the Pygeum extract, which has been standardized to 6.5 percent of phytosterol.

This is backed up with powdered 400mg of the original africanum tree it comes from, which makes up about 95 percent of the capsule. The tree’s bark is excellent for the protection of the prostate gland.

Swanson Pygeum Prostate Support Herbal Supplement

Offers the Best High-Potency Support

As we grow older, our bodies tend to slow down, and the overused mileage isn’t as great as it used to. Our bodies start to function less effectively, especially in the, huh; you guessed it right, the bedroom department.

I never thought I’d one day need some help in this sector, since I was used to shooting out my cum at the speed of a World-War cannon. I mean, of course, I expected it, but I didn’t expect it to happen as early as now (43 years of age).

Luckily, the Swanson Pygeum Prostate Support has come in handy. As a side effect, my seminal volume has increased, and pre-ejaculation has increased. I have to admit that I feel much better now. And that my wife is equally over the moon!

Look, my sweet wife doesn’t like a dry cum. It’s no monkey business. And when I started using this supplement, she now reaches cloud nine every time I give it to her. To be honest, and at my rather older age, I can now shoot the “thing” just like how the real porn stars do!

And she cums like crazy! Funny, right? Haha!

But it is not what I was capable of before, I credit it all to the Swanson Pygeum Supplement.

Genuine and Adherent to the Right Legalities

I’m not sure whether the Swanson Pygeum Supplement is FDA approved or not, but one thing for sure is that Swanson is a reputable company. It has been in existence since the 1960s. The company specializes in natural health supplements. So, you gotta trust this product. It is not a Fugazi.

Basically, the Swanson always complies with both the FDA and FTA guidelines. It means that their Pygeum Supplement is adherent to the right legalities. I’ve used it, and I can confidently admit that it didn’t have any severe side effects.

 Swanson Pygeum Prostate Support Urinary Tract Health Men Herbal Supplement

As a matter of fact, it has had a positive side effect – increasing my seminal volume. And who wouldn’t appreciate such a side effect?

Also, in adhering to the FDA guidelines, the Swanson Pygeum Supplement has a list of its ingredients on the label, whereby you get to know exactly what you’re ingesting.


  • It is without a doubt the best cure to BPH(or Benign Prostate Hyperplasia), which is the swollen prostate gland
  • No more frequent trips to the washroom in the middle of the night
  • The Swanson Pygeum supplement increases your seminal volume
  • Although it’s not 100 percent organic, at least 96 percent has been retained
  • Genuine and the Swanson company strictly adheres to FDA’s guidelines


  • A few Swanson Pygeum reviews complain of increased heart rates

Possible Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve compiled a few tips and tricks right here.

a) How Long Does It Last Before It Expires?

For starters, it’s worth noting that the Swanson Pygeum supplement doesn’t indicate an expiry date. However, the manufacturing date is clearly indicated. I was a little skeptical of this too.

But, after doing a little more research, the prostate support supplement has a shelf life of 30 months (about two and a half years). So, do the math, from the date of manufacture till 30 months later.

b) What’s Dosage?

Well, that’s on the label of the supplement. But in case you wanna reassure yourself, take 100mg of the Swanson Pygeum herbal supplement.

c) Are There Any Side Effects?

Of course, no medical product is devoid of side effects. Good thing is, the Swanson Pygeum isn’t severe with the side effects. You only need to worry about increased heart rate. The first time using it, you’re gonna feel like you’ve drank six shots of latte, but nothing serious.

d) Is It Manufactured in America?

Yeah, the Swanson Company is American and is located in Fargo, North Dakota. Although the original tree where it’s extracted from is African, the manufacturer is in the United States.

e) Does The Swanson Pygeum Prostate Supplement Ship Internationally?

Yes, it does. Just add to your cart and make the purchase.

Final Thoughts

If you want something that’s gonna help mitigate your BPH, as well as increase your seminal volume, then you better get the Swanson Pygeum Prostate Supplement. Hope from this Pygeum Prostate Review, you get a details guideline. I love that it’s a genuine product and even backed by some urologists. So give it a try.

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