PUR vs Brita – Which Is A Better Purification System?

No doubt, water filters come with lots of benefits associated with them. It’s a no brainer actually. The problem comes when you wanna pick the right water purifier for you.

Most folks find themselves sitting on a fence when choosing between PUR and Brita, which are the two leading brands.

Although both are great at improving the taste and quality of water, they are still different in various, minuscule ways. 

PUR vs Brita – Difference In Purification

The process of purification for the two models are similar yet different. They are similar because their objective is to have cleaner, purified water. However, the PUR has three stages as Brita only has two. 

Brita’s first stage is to clean off sediments by passing water through a filter. It then moves the water to a block of activated carbon, where halogens like chlorine and lead are trapped. This gives Brita a nice, odorless taste.

On the other hand, the PUR has an extra stage of purification, whereby the water passes through selected minerals for a further filtering process.  

Design & Ergonomics

The PUR fits easily into your fridge, because it is narrower in shape compared to Brita. The PUR also boasts of a well-designed spigot, which helps in minimizing water leaks. 

As for Brita, the water pitcher feels comfortable to hold and carry, and doesn’t slip from your hands. The Brita water purifier also feels easy pouring the water despite being a little pounds heavier than PUR.    

Filter Replacements

Both the PUR and the Brita come installed with indicators to remind you on whether the filter needs replacement. While the PUR comes with an LED indicator, the Brita comes with a sticker indicating when to make a filter replacement.

It is recommendable to replace filters as soon as possible, because using it longer than required defeats the very purpose of having a water filter. That is, long usage results in contaminated water.

Anyways, the Brita scores more points in terms of lasting filters. Unlike PUR, you don’t have to worry about replacing your filters until 3 or 4 months, depending on usage frequency.

As for PUR, filter replacements are gonna come sooner. However, PUR’s filter replacements are much more affordable than Brita’s filters. So, it cancels out if you look at it from a financial point of view.  

Another thing: if you choose Brita, you’ll have to be careful when running hot water through its filter. That is, you need to use its designated switch for hot water. If you don’t, you risk damaging the filter, and thus you’ll have to replace it sooner than expected.

You don’t have to worry about such an issue when you opt for PUR.

Final Thoughts

While the PUR has a slightly larger reservoir and is easier to disassemble, the Brita pitcher boasts of a lasting filter. The Brita also has secure lids and feels comfortable holding.  

Nonetheless, if you are still holding onto straws and undecided on which pitcher to pick, it’s advisable to try both water purifiers before settling on what’s best for you. 

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