Nutrichopper Reviews: As Seen On TV Handheld NutriChopper

Nutrichopper Reviews: If you are like me, you hate the idea of using a traditional knife to chop vegetables, onions, fruits or carrots one slice at a time. This task is really messy, tiring and time-intensive.

Plus, it makes you hands smell those veggies. Not cool, huh!

So, when I heard about the NutriChopper, I was somewhat elated. But I was a little skeptical too, because I never believed it could chop my veggies as advertised.

To get a feel of how the slicer works, I read a lot of nutri chopper reviews and watched YouTube videos. But, I was still doubtful about it, until a friend of mine went ahead and bought the nutri chopper from Amazon.

I’ve tried and tested this handheld kitchen slicer, and can confirm that it works just as advertised. No c’mon, I don’t mean to say that the nutrislicer is completely flawless. Oh yeah, I’ve got my own reservations regarding this item.

However, there are several features that make this compact handheld slicer stand out from the rest. In my nutrichopper review, I’m going to unleash everything you need to know about the NutriChopper, including what I never like about it.  

Nutrichopper Reviews And Overview

Nutrichopper with Fresh-keeping Container – Chops, Slices, Cubes, Wedges – Multi-purpose Food Chopper with Stainless Steel Blades As Seen On TV

What is NutriChopper?

As Seen On TV NutriChopper is a handheld kitchen food slicer consisting of 3 different stainless steel blade attachments that merge to produce 4 different cuts: thin slices, thick slices, sticks or cubes, and wedges.

This compact, handheld food slicer is multiple times faster than the regular knives. Here’s the thing; a knife allows you to make one slice per stroke, which means you’ll take some time to complete the cutting.

With the NutriChopper, however, you get to make about five such slices at once, enabling you to speed up and save time. The slicer is easier to use than your old knife, and also dishwasher safe!

In terms of storage, the NutriChopper has a quick-lock feature, which lets you store it securely in your drawer. More importantly, it comes complete with fresh-keeping container and lid, so you can store your precut foods without fuss.

What is in the package?

  • NutriChopper unit
  • Single-slicer platform
  • 1 perfect-portion container with lid
  • 3 slicing blades (1 wedge and 2 interlocking slicer)
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What I like about NutriChopper?

NutriChopper is compact, portable, and easy to store

The first thing that I like about the NutriChopper is its compact design. It measures barely 8.25 inches long (handle included), with about 2.5 inches of blade area.

The compact handheld food slicer is portable and simple to store. It features a built-in quick-lock function, which allows for easy storage of your device safely in your drawer.

Interchangeable slicing options

You’ll fall in love with the NutriChopper’s ability to make cuts of different configurations. The item comes with 3 different stainless steel blades, which combine to create 4 different cuts.

With the NutriChopper, you can cut thin or thick slices of veggies or fruits. The slicer also allows you to chop cubes or sticks and wedges in just a fraction of the time you’d spend using your old knife.

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Slice foods directly into pan or pot

One of the striking features of the NutriChopper is the ability to slice foods like onions and tomatoes right in the pot or pan. Actually, I prefer slicing my contents directly into the pan when using this item.

The NutriChopper excels when it comes to chopping fruits. I’ve been using it to make fruit salad since it lets me chop the fruits right in the bowl, which means I can avoid the mess. What’s more, using the NutriChopper to cube meat and cheese is a breeze.

5X faster cutting

The NutriChopper boasts of stainless-steel razor-sharp blades that help slice or chop veggies, fruits and onions multiple times in a single squeeze.

I’ve used it to cut several things: onion, cucumber, tomato, cheese, apple, potato, and hard-boiled eggs. Even though the cutting speed varies with the item to be cut, the NutriChopper performs satisfactorily.  

Perfect portion container with lid

The NutriChopper package includes one perfect-portion container with four-sided fresh-keeping locking lid. The fresh storage container and lid are meant to help you store your precut foods neatly for extended freshness. All you gotta to do is slice your food, seal, and store it.

The portion container is also perfect for guys who enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking, hunting, and camping. With the NutriChopper, you can simply chop your food ingredients and store them in the fresh-storage container so you can take with you for your out-of-doors activities.

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Dishwasher safe

The NutriChopper is 100% dishwasher safe and very easy to clean. To make cleanup a cinch, simply toss the unit in your dishwasher for easy and effective clean-up.

Of more importance, the NutriChopper unit stays closed when not in use, not only for convenient storage, but also to keep stains at bay.

The Good

  • Compact and portable unit
  • Extremely convenient to store with quick-lock function
  • Creates 4 different cuts: thin slices, thick slices, sticks/cubes, and wedges
  • Up to 5X faster than a regular chef’s knife
  • Dishwasher safe

The Bad

  • NutriChopper is constructed with flimsy plastic and contains thin blades that require tremendous pressure to cut through moderately hard food like potatoes and carrots. Due to the plastic build, the unit may break during squeezing.
  • 2.5 inches of blade area is on the smaller side, which means you have to cut the fruits and onions into two pieces to fit in the cutting compartment.
  • My hand was pinched by the NutriChopper edges on multiple occasions as I squeezed the item through the blades

How to cube with NutriChopper

To create cubes using the NutriChopper, place your food item on the tool’s cutting surface. Make sure the item fits snugly in the compartment of the NutriChopper.

Otherwise, you’ll need to trim your food item in order to fit in the unit’s 2.5-inch cutting surface. Once you have a size that fits, launch the blades to use and press the NutriChopper with both hands to squeeze the item through the blades.

Where to buy the NutriChopper?

NutriChopper Amazon is one of the best places to acquire this item, although availability varies from time to time. You can as well get it from the NutriChopper official website, Be sure to check out the nutrislicer Amazon reviews to find out what others are saying about it.

Final Thought

Even though the NutriChopper has a few design flaws, it still works satisfactorily. This handheld slicer is comfortable to hold and press.

The biggest reservation I have with the NutriChopper is its small surface area. Its 2.5 inches of cutting surface seems too small, and one will need to trim foods to fit.

A handful of nutri chopper reviews have also expressed their concerns about the product’s blades. See, the blades here are fixed and cannot be detached for sharpening. This means they’re gonna become blunt with continuous use.

And, when blades are not sharp, you’ll have to apply too much force when chopping or slicing your contents. Dull blades can make things mushy and messy.

In general though, As Seen On TV NutriChopper manual hand slicer works better than a regular kitchen knife. Hope you get a details idea from this Nutrichopper Reviews.Try it and let’s know what you think about it.

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