Magic Ear Reviews: Does It Really Work or Is It Just an Advertisement Gimmick?

Magic Ear Reviews: A lot of people around the world are suffering from different levels of hearing difficulties. Some of them experience grave hearing concerns that require a hearing aid, while others have mild hearing issues that may not call for a hearing booster.

Even so, Magic Ear claims that both groups can benefit from their hearing booster, which is advertised as having the ability to help anyone who has hearing difficulties of different magnitudes.

Designed by BulbHead, the Official As Seen On TV Atomic Beam Magic Ear Personal Sound Booster is said to amplify language within a 100-ft range.

As such, the manufacturer says this compact portable audio unit cancels out background noise and enhances vocals. But, does it really work? Read my magic ear review for insights.

Magic Ear Reviews And Overview

Official As Seen On TV Atomic Beam Magic Ear Personal Sound Booster by BulbHead, Portable Hearing Amplifier Enhances Vocals, Cancels Out Background Noise (1 Pack)

Key Features of Atomic Beam Magic Ear Personal Sound Booster

The Atomic Beam Magic Ear Personal Sound Booster by BulbHead is unlike any other traditional hearing device. This compact, battery-powered hearing booster consists of earbuds along with a miniature sound amplifier, which collects sound and relays it to the ears through the earbuds.

The built-in amplifier plays a key role in neutralizing or canceling out atmospheric noise and enhancing vocals, allowing you to hear sounds you normally wouldn’t be able to hear. The audio unit can boost language within a 100-feet range, so you can hear conversations clearly without the need to turn the volume up high while watching your TV.

Magic Ear is a must-have for persons suffering from hearing difficulties, because it enables them to enjoy clarity to their hearing.

The best part is that the device resembles a pocket-sized FM radio, which means no one will ever realize that you’ve worn any sound-boosting earbuds unless you let them know. And, being a battery-powered unit, you’ll never need an electrical outlet for plugging in the device.

The official website for this sound-boosting device is, whose registration was done in November 2017. The product manufacturer is quite legit and the product itself can detect and transmit sounds beyond the normal hearing range.

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Who Should Get The Atomic Beam Magic Ear Personal Sound Booster?

 The Atomic Beam Magic Ear Personal Sound Booster is a must-have hearing booster if you’re a sportsman, birdwatcher, or hiker.

Magic Ear is also ideal for anyone who’d like to enjoy hearing clarity while watching their TV. The device cancels out background noise while enhancing vocals, making the speech easier to hear and clearer to understand.

This hearing device uses unique technology to pick up and transmit sounds a normal, healthy ear wouldn’t detect. It is, therefore, a perfect hearing aid if you have trouble hearing and need something to boost your hearing and enjoy some clarity.

What We Liked About Atomic Beam Magic Ear Personal Sound Booster?

Compact & Discreet Design

We’ll kick off our getmagic ear review with design. The Atomic Beam Magic Ear Personal Sound Booster comes in a compact rectangular shape, and looks like a portable FM radio or a standard smartphone. It’s super lightweight and ultra compact, so it easily fits in the palm of your hand.

You’ll find it easy to carry this electronic audio device around as it fits nicely inside your pockets without a problem. Furthermore, each one consists of a belt clip attached for effortless transportation.

Amplifies Language within a 100-foot Range

We were impressed by how the Magic Ear covers a large area. You’ll not only be able to hear sounds that are nearby, but you’ll also be able to hear sounds that are over 100 feet away.

The device is designed to amplify and increase the volume of language up to a 100-foot range. The compact audio unit picks up and transmits sounds from far away; enabling you to hear a particular sound in nature, without necessarily approaching the source of that sound.

For instance, if you’re seated at the front seat of your car, you’ll be in a position to hear voices coming front the back seat. Equally, if you’re seated in the back row at a public lecture or movie theater, you’ll be able to hear the main speakers clearly. Isn’t it just super awesome?

Filters Out Background Noise

The Magic Ear does excel when it comes to canceling out background noise in your environment. Unlike other personal hearing devices, this one filters out noise from your area and enhances what matters the most to you.

In case there’s unwanted background sounds like the tapping of feet or the rustling of papers, the device filters them out and amplifies vocal sounds using a set of earbuds.

This personal hearing booster helps you zero in on what real people are saying. By removing unimportant noises and distractions, the device lets you listen to conversions from across the room.

Two AAA Batteries

There are two versions of Magic Ear Personal Sound Booster: standard and deluxe. The standard model operates using two AAA batteries, so you won’t need to plug the device into an outlet in order to use it.

Then there is a deluxe version that comes with a rechargeable battery and a charger. You’ll have to charge this deluxe version via an electrical outlet.

Opting for the deluxe option is advantageous since you’ll not be required to keep replacing batteries for your personal hearing-boosting tool.

However, like most other get magic ear reviews have noted with concern, the AAA batteries drain quite fast and will be depleted within a short while. Also, the device doesn’t come with AAA batteries, and you’ll need to buy them separately.

Ease of Use

The Atomic Beam Magic Ear is exceptionally easy to operate. To use it, simply insert the batteries and plug in the earphones that come with the device. Then, push the on/off button to turn on the device and choose your volume. Your current volume level will be displayed on a large LCD screen.

Surprisingly, it’s easy to adjust the volume high or low using the included up and down arrow buttons. As you select the volume, you’ll hear a fairly loud beep with each press of the button.

Additionally, you’ll hear a rather loud sound in your earphones if you touch or handle the unit while in use, because the device amplifies those sounds as well.


The Magic Ear is considerably cheaper than other options like Williams Sound Pocketalker. The device retails at just $19.25 on Amazon, and includes 1 Atomic Beam Magic Ear (runs on 2 AAA batteries, not included).

Alternatively, it boasts a $19.19 price tag on the official BulbHead Website, which is The website presents a couple of additional offers, such as a deluxe offer that retails at $29.98, an optional double offer that retails at $29.98, and finally a double deluxe offer that retails at a whopping $49.96.

The Good

  • Compact and discreet design
  • Amplifies vocals within a 100-foot range
  • Filters out environmental noise
  • Picks up sounds beyond the normal hearing range
  • Detects different sounds with ease
  • Easy to adjust the volume
  • Very affordable

The Bad

  • Does not include AAA batteries
  • Seems to work best only in quiet locations
  • Not water/heat resistant

Does Magic Ear Work?

Yes, Magic Ear works, but we have a few reservations concerning this device. First, it seems to be more effective in quiet locations than in noisy environments.

The device has a tendency of raising background noises in the process of enhancing sound. In louder environments, such as a noisy car or crowded room, the Magic Ear tends to boost all sounds, thus generating unwanted static and circuitous noise.

This can be irritating in louder locations than in quieter environments. Hence, the Magic Ear seems to work best in places with minimal sources of sound. Even so, you can hear a TV with high-end clarity when using the Magic Ear.

Final Words

Based on our magic ear review, the Official As Seen On TV Atomic Beam Magic Ear Personal Sound Booster works, and is worth giving a try. Having tested the device ourselves, we can say that the product seems really effective.

It ensures up to 10X sound amplification, which is considered enough for most users. And, in comparison to other traditional hearing aids, the Magic Ear is less expensive – but with fewer features.

In parting, remember that matters to do with crucial body organs like ears should be taken seriously. We recommend getting a proper diagnosis if you’ve got a history of hearing issues.

Your doctor will determine how best to treat your hearing loss and if necessary, recommend the available alternatives to address your hearing problems. This, in any way, should not be taken to mean that the Magic Ears is not a proper alternative. This personal sound booster can work best if you already know the root cause of your bad hearing. Hope magic ear reviews will help you to choose your best helping gear.

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