Lepin Vs Lego

The least connoisseurs struggle in telling the difference between lepin vs. lego products, but real fans of the Lego brand are able to pinpoint the minor flaws, if any. Lepin is a Chinese brand specializing in the manufacture of toys, including the replication of miniature Lego objects and characters.

Essentially, Lepin imitates the entire Lego-brand products lineup, such as the renowned Star Wars sets from Disney, licensed movie franchises like Batman and Harry Potter lines, Technic and Creator product lines, the Friends line, and so much more.

To compare between lepin vs. lego, we’ll use an example of a genuine LEGO Star Wars MICROFIGHTERS SERIES3. Let’s see whether or not there’s any difference between this genuine LEGO item and the copycat sold by Lepin.

Lepin vs Lego

Lepin vs. Lego: Price

We ordered this imitated LEGO kit from a popular website for directly sourcing products from China. The duplicate was branded LEPIN STAR WNRS MICROFIGTHERS SERIES3, retailing at £2.34 with £0.69 postage fee. It took an estimated 30-50 days to arrive after initial online purchase.

We purchased the genuine LEGO STAR WARS MICROFIGTHERS SERIES3 from a reputable UK high street online store. It cost £8.99 with £3.95 potage fee. The estimated delivery time was 2 days maximum. Ostensibly, the genuine LEGO item’s postage fee is higher than the overall price of the Lepin’s counterfeit.

Lepin or Lego: Packaging

There were obvious differences between the two items in terms of packaging. The genuine LEGO product was packaged in a cardboard box, while the LEPIN’s counterfeit arrived in a simple plastic bag. Each package contained smaller packs of building bricks as well as a complementary leaflet.

We also noticed that the Lepin product had a few components that were still attached to their injection moulded frame. On the other hand, the authentic LEGO product had its components detached. In general, the Lepin producers went to a greater length in creating an almost identical LEGO copy with striking similarities. However, there are minor differences, and the product doesn’t totally appear like it came from the LEGO factory.

Lepin & Lego: Appearance

There were notable differences between the two kits regarding their appearance. The Lepin product had a less refined printing and a lower resolution than the Lego’s. While each kit had a translucent disk on the front, there was a slight difference between them in terms of colors.

The genuine Lego kit was brown while the Lepin duplicate was grey. Similarly, each mini-figure had its legs attached differently. The Lepin mini-figure’s legs quickly disengaged from the main unit, whereas the Lego character was designed with a split pin that prevents the legs from detaching from the body.

The missiles had some slight differences in lengths, too. This may not appear to be a big deal for some people, but handling the two different missiles helps you distinguish between lepin vs. lego. The genuine Lego kit had a 34.95mm long missile whilst the Lepin’s copycat featured a 34.49 long missile.

There were also ostensible differences on how their red-missile tips were designed. The Lego tip consisted of an external lip which the Lepin red tip lacked. The Lepin kit came with two additional guns of varying designs that were not available on the Lego kit.

Final Thought

In a nutshell, Lepin is a brand that gives you the opportunity to own a premium Lego product at a significantly reduced price. Lepin is presently ranked upscale with imitations that boast a very affordable price tag. However, as an established brand, the Lego trademarks are protectable and ultimately more profitable despite a not-so affordable price tag.

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