5 Ways Of How To Optimize Blogger Blog

5 Ways Of How To Optimize Blogger Blog

Today, there are many people who have started making money through blogging. But if a blog is not set up correctly then it will become wastage of time. If a blogger wants how to optimize blogger blog then the below mentioned points should be followed:

5 Ways Of How To Optimize Blogger Blog

About Page:

Every blogger should try to make about page compelling. This page should explain everything about the blog in such a way that it let the visitors return back again and again. The benefits of this blog should be listed. This page should be made friendly by including a picture of the blogger and about his life’s overview. A blogger should try not to mention his contact details in this page rather he should directly link it with the contact page. In a way can be said that this page should have a personal connection.

Subscription Options:

A blog should always contain multiple subscription options in the sidebar providing an email option. Which will become easier for the ones who are not familiar with RSS feeds and RSS readers? There should be some interesting texts mentioned over there which would let visitors be convinced and subscribe.

Blog Design:

A blogger should keep in mind that the appearance of his blog should be simple with few images which would describe the post without reading the content below it. The font size should be large and in black color. And the typography was chosen should be easier to read.

Community creation:

A blogger can make his blog great by adding conversation in it. If a blogger ends every post by asking some suggestions for it. Then it would come up with the visitor’s suggestion becoming a conversational thread if a blogger replies. If a blogger continues replying to every comment on his blog then it will help to build a stronger community on his blog.


As said, “content is the king” for every blog. Therefore, every blogger should take off the content of its blog. One should always try to add some tutorials on starting a blog with “how to” which should become a resourceful content. The titles used should be attractive.

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