CR123 Vs CR123A – What Sets Them Apart?

There is nothing more frustrating than going into a gadget store only to end up acquiring something that least fits your needs. For instance, how would you feel if you got into an electrical shop in an attempt to buy a battery for your kid’s favorite toy or your camera, only to get home and realize the model you bought is not the right one? It feels very irritating, right?  

And the worst part is if the store you bought it from does not accept goods back once sold. It will be a major loss – to say the least. Now let’s see the actual difference between the CR123 Vs CR123A so you won’t feel dim-witted the next time you get into an electrical store to buy one of these rather identical battery models.


More often than not, people ask the difference between CR123 Vs CR123A. CR123 is a common label appearing on CR123A batteries, so what is it with the name variations? Did someone just forget to put an “A” in the CR123? Keep reading to understand what sets the two batteries apart, or whether they are the same anyways.

CR123 Vs CR123A – Name Variations

The CR123 and CR123A are one and the same battery models that can also be referred to as DL123A, SF123, 123A, DL123, or simply 123. They all measure 34mm long and 16.5mm wide. Despite the name variations, all these lithium batteries have 3 volts.


CR123 Vs CR123A – The Difference

Generally speaking, there is absolutely no difference between these batteries. The “A” in the CR123A makes no difference as far as size or voltage is concerned. Try searching for 123 lithium batteries and you will certainly find a variety of DL123As or CR123s sets of batteries popping up. Specifically, the CR123 and CR123A batteries are 100% interchangeable, and you can use either of the two sets without much fuss.

CR123 or CR123A – Why the Name Difference?

You might be asking yourself why the names are different yet the batteries are similar and even compatible. Well, it all boils down to the brand’s preference. In most circumstances, brands use letters that are linked to their name, such as DL to denote the Duracell brand.

Battery models CR123 and CR123A are also logically named with C standing for Lithium, R referring to round, and 123 denoting two-thirds. In this case, 123 implies to 1 2/3 of an A cell battery. The letter a/A on the tail-end is used by some brands to signify the A cell.  

CR123 or CR123A – Which One to Choose Then?

As is evident, no correlation exists between the CR123 and CR123A in reference to price or function. You can use both batteries in the same devices or appliances. If you wish to buy these battery models, make sure to pick one with a higher mAh. Lithium batteries with a higher mAh tend to last longer. You might also want to consider checking on their shelf life. A good battery pack should stay intact for a few years even if it’s left seated in a cupboard without being used.  Finally, take a look at the price. There are several cheaper batteries with a higher mAh at leading electrical stores.

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