3 Steps To Choosing The Right Phone

3 Steps To Choosing The Right Phone

Are you confused about the market for choosing the right phone? Maybe you are unsure what to get? There are so many to choose from nowadays that it is easy to become confused as to the benefits of each one so how do you know you are going to pick a handset to suit you? The dilemma doesn’t just end there, unfortunately. Once you have decided on your handset you also have to choose a price plan, also known as a tariff, and of course a network provider. The simple task of getting a mobile phone isn’t really that simple at all. Or is it?

Here are 3 steps of Choosing The Right Phone

Choose Your Network

Really your first choice should be to decide which network provider you are going to use. This is important because not all networks fully cover all areas. For example, London should be generally ok as it is a large city and therefore has a large number of cell towers for all of the big-name networks; coverage, therefore, should be no problem. However, if you live out in the countryside, you might find only one network has a cell tower close enough to give you a decent signal at all times, other networks, whilst a signal may be possible it could be intermittent.

This is a bigger problem than many people realize. You should be able to find out where each network covers by logging on to their websites. A quick call to them should also answer that question.

Choosing Your Phone

So, once you know how covers the area where you will be using your handset he most often, you can search their website or visit their high street store to choose a handset. When choosing a new phone you need to make sure you are only paying for what you will actually use. Most handsets these days have a camera, it almost always comes as standard. Not all have access to the Internet or the capability to take and playback video. If these are features you will never use then there is no point opting for an expensive handset just because it looks good or it keeps up with the trend, it is potentially a large waste of money. Keep it simple by choosing a handset that makes calls and sends text messages if this is the only thing you will need your phone for.

If you have dexterity issues then shopping in a store rather than online is a better option for you. In store, you can hold the phone, test the size of the bottom and make sure you can read the screen clearly, all of which is not possible with an online purchase until after it is bought and paid for. It is a good way to know that the phone is actually suitable for you to use and will not be discarded to one side out of sheer frustration after a couple of weeks.

Choosing Your Tariff

The tariff you choose is also important. Those on a tight budget and are light phone users may find that a pay as you go deal works better for them. However for those who like the security of knowing they will not run out of credit during an emergency a contract is a way to go. There are so many tariffs available with contract phones, they might include a set amount of free calls or texts per month or they may include a large amount of data use suitable for those who rely heavily on mobile internet. Overpaying on a price plan that has all the whistles and bells you will never need is a sheer waste of money, so when picking a plan, choose wisely. There are so many there is sure to be one that matches your needs that is within your budget.

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